SERVICE | サービスPRICE | 値段
BUST UP | バストまで5 MIL | 500万
THIGH UP | 大腿まで7 MIL | 700万
ADDITIONAL WOL | 付加ヒカセン2 MIL EACH | 各200万


BUST UP | バストまでに

THIGH UP | 大腿までに


※ Personal use only unless commercial fee is paid (please use my VGEN service for that)
※ Please be respectful and DO NOT rush me
※ I have the right to refuse commissions at any point
※ Any uploaded images MUST be credited with at least one link of any of my SNS profiles e.g. directly tagging me on Twitter via @meguchii__
I DO NOT authorize using any of my artwork or designs as NFT
I DO NOT authorize using any of my artwork or designs to feed any AI generator or use in an AI generator in any way. These include websites, and social network filters


※ Upfront payments ONLY
※ Clients will receive 80% of the total price if a refund is requested BEFORE sketch phase OR if I am unable to complete the commission
※ Immediate cancellation if there is no response within 48 hours of me accepting the commission


※ I maintain all rights to my works
DO NOT claim my art as yours, remove my signature or make any edits to the art
※ You maintain the right to your own character, ideas and intellectual property.
DO NOT sell or reprint my work unless it is a commercial piece
※ Commercial pieces may be used for commercial purposes such as reproduction, merch and streaming


1. Consultation
Discussions will be held via DM once I have accepted the commission
2. Payment
Once details are finalised, I will send an invoice OR request for payment if paying via gil. If there is no response within 24 hours I will IMMEDIATELY cancel the commission
3. Sketch Phase
Sketches will be made during this period, I will grant revisions BEFORE lineart.
4. Line art phase
This will include base colors, limited revisions MAY be granted at this stage. Once the lineart is approved I will proceed to rendering unless flat colors have been requested.
5. Rendering phase
Turnaround time of 2-4 weeks, clients will be contacted about any delays. Cancellations/refunds are NOT accepted from this period
6. Completion
Rendered piece will be sent via GDrive link and stored for 6 months. I will post the finished piece on social media as part of my portfolio unless I am informed prior for any denial of sharing.